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Best Possible Selves 10

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I did not consciously realize how much I admired NPR's Gwen Ifill until today when commentary about her life began to stream so forcefully across our media. Moreover, based on the fact that I saw in her such an elegant combination of physical vitality and intellectual courage, I had no idea that her health was failing. Intelligent, humane, eloquent, discerning, fair-minded, patient, humble, inquisitive, and seemingly indefatigable: these are the qualities that I and so many of us identified in her. When I think of a life well lived -- a best possible life, so to speak -- it is hard to imagine coming much closer to the mark than this. I'm honored to add my voice to the many hundreds of others in fond tribute to a remarkable journalist and iconic symbol of the power of a free press.