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Best Possible Selves 13

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Our school generally holds assemblies each Friday morning, often showcasing the work of a particular grade and sometimes highlighting the work of an outside artist or performer. With the whole school sitting together in a common assembly space -- students and teachers, it is quite an integral component of school life.

Organized and hosted by our Equity and Social Justice Team, this week's assembly was designed to showcase student voices across the grades. While the youngest students displayed posters illustrating affinities, family members, and important feelings, the older students introduced poetry and visual art as means by which to express themselves even more fully. Thanks, first, to collaboration by homeroom teachers and specialists alike -- art, Spanish, woodworking, music, technology, and library, this event was truly an example of our students at their best possible selves. Thanks, also, to visionary curriculum design, the students took full advantage of this opportunity and taught each other a great deal about human universals: not just about what is important on the outside, but also about what is important on the inside. Thanks, finally, to our strong tradition of public speaking, the children certainly held teachers and each other spellbound for the duration of the program.