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Best Possible Selves 19

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I started my morning yesterday with a scheduled coffee conversation in the school library with several dozen CHS parents and staff members. Although this get-together had been scheduled many months ago as an opportunity to discuss the expected transition to the Trump Presidency, none of us could have anticipated that the weekend immediately preceding would be marked by such strong reactions to the Executive Order temporarily banning travel from seven Muslim-majority nations. Though this was not the only topic of conversation, certainly it played a big role in the feelings and reactions of the group. Eloquently and candidly, many of our parents expressed the ways in which they are trying to find the right balance between informing their children of important and newsworthy events while protecting them from potentially confusing and alarming information. We learned that some families have been actively participating in public marches and demonstrations while others are trying to maintain as much normalcy as possible. Once again I was grateful for the level of honesty and humanity that is so much characteristic of our community.