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Best Possible Selves 8

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

12 members of our family community participated this evening in a panel discussion entitled "Realizing Pluralism at CHS: An Exchange of Insights." Organized and moderated by our DEI Advocate, Dr. Carlos Hoyt, the aim of the evening was to move from diversity to pluralism or, as stated in the promotional material, from the collecting of "different kinds of a thing or things (objects or organisms) and placing them together in one place" to "the intentional effort to foster a meaningful synergy among the members."

During the discussion I became aware of two different meanings of the word "plurality." In the context of tonight's program I understand that "plurality" stands out as a high-level goal, a veritable thing-in-itself, almost even a holy grail. However, in light of the fact that we are approaching a national election where a "plurality" of voters may determine the direction of our country, I realize that there is another meaning to the word altogether. I'm not sure how these two meanings connect, but I suspect that the point of intersection lies somewhere on the vector of Best Possible Selves.

Similarly, and quite by coincidence, I became aware recently that there are two different ways to think about the word "equity." On the one hand, equity refers to the social or psychological framework of justice and fair play. Here at CHS and in other schools committed to social justice education this is a central theme. But equity also refers to the financial framework of owning a stake in something possessing monetary value. Again, I'm not sure how these two meanings may overlap entirely with each other, but I feel confident that there is something powerful about the relationship between Best Possible Social/Psychological Value and Best Possible Monetary Value.